Sylvia Plath

About the author
Sylvia Plath was born October 27th 1932 in Boston, Massachusetts. Her parents were Otto and Aurelia Plath and her father was a biology professor and he died when Sylvia was only 8 years. She was left with feelings like anger, guilt and grief that would haunt her for life, thats what made her create most of her poetry. She was only eight and a half when her first poem was published in the Boston Herald. In 1950, Plath enterden Smith College in Northhampton, Massachusettes on a scholarship. She filled her notebooks with stories and poems to sharpen her words carefully and winning many awards.

In August 1952 Plath won a fiction contest held by Mademoiselle, earning her a position as guest editor at the magazine in June 1953. Her experiences in New York City, were depressing and later became the basis for her novel The Bell Jar, the book we are reading.Esther's experience is partly based on Sylvia Plath's own experience as a college intern at Mademoiselle.
When she got home from New York, she was tired of her image as an ordinally All-American girl and she had a serious breakdown and tried to kill herself, and she was given shock treatments. When she got back on her feet, she went back to the college and graduated and won a scholarship to Cambrige Univerity in England, where she met her future husband, and poet Ted Hughes.
Sylvia and Ted had two kids, Frieda was born in 1960, and Nicholas was born in 1962.

Plath could not escape the tragedy that invaded and took over her personal life. By February 1963 her marriage had ended. She was ill and living on the edge of another breakdown while caring for two small children in a small apartment in London, England, during the coldest winter in years. On February 11 she killed herself. The last thing she did was to leave her children two mugs of milk and a plate of buttered bread.

In 2003 a movie centered around Sylvias relationship with Ted and her life during their marriage was realised with Gwyneth Paltrow in the role of Sylvia
We can see that her life is reflected in The Bell Jar, she writes with passion and that might be because she har experienced the same things and feels the same way "Esther" does.

- Cathrine and Jenny