Lit Circle Meeting #1 : Date: March 2nd Read Pages: 30

Travel Tracer.

Where today's action begins:
The action begins at a bar in New York. Esther and Doreen are invited by a famous guy named Lenny Shepherd to join him and his mate for a drink. Esther sit cose by Doreen at the table, she want to sit as far away from Lenny's mate Frankie as possible. The bar was dark with an exception of Doreen who had white hair and wore a white dress, she almost looked silver because of the neon lights over the bar.
Page where it is described: 13

Where key events happen:
Esther and Doreen are invited to Lenny's place. His place was built exactly like the inside of a ranch. He had a few partitions knocked down so the place looked broaden out, and then had them pine-panel the walls and fit up a special pine-paneled bar in the shape of a horse shoe. The only furniture was a lot of low beds covered with indian rugs. He had antlers and buffalo horns and a stuffed rabbit head hung up on the walls.
Page where it is described: 17

My impression of the book so far is that it's quite easy to read. Not much has happened yet, but I've only read about 30 pages and I'm confident it's going to get more intresting as the book goes on. As of now the book is intresting enough for me to continue reading it.

Lit Circle Meeting #2: Date: March 7th Read Pages: 50


Esther spends a great deal of the first 10 pages to tell us what kind of classes she takes at college and that she is a straight A student. She also takes a chemistry class even though she doesn't have to. Esther and her friend Betsy are going to the ladie's day tour and banquet and later to a film premiere. However they both feel extremly sick after eating, so they have to leave the premiere. They are both taken to the hospital, and they're later being told they were poisoned. After a quick recovery and many apology presents from ladie's day they are both back on their feet and fealing as fit as a fiddle. Esther got a pleasant surprise when her old friend Buddy comes to visit her at her college. After talking for a while Buddy invites her to a prom. She promptly accepts the invitation. They are a bit shy at the prom and they mostly dance a few feet away from each other. After they'd danced for a long time Buddy takes her to the chemestry lab where he kisses her. They keep seing each other. Esther has been bugging Buddy to show her some real interesting hospital sighs and she watches a women give birth.
Esther feels the need to break up with Buddy after learning he had slept with a waitress on many occasions troughout the summer, but soon after making the decision Buddy contracted TB and was sent away to a sanatorium.

Key points:
Esther is talking about how depressed and lonely she feels sometimes.

I've read approximately 80 pages now. The book has yet to come to the point where she has a mental breakdown, but in order for the readers
to gain sympathy for the main character we have to learn about her life before her mental breakdown, so we can have an understanding as to why she goes mental. The book is fairly interesting. I've read books from the 50s and 60s before but I've always skipped many pages 'cause the book bored me to death, but the bell jar is actually quite entertaining.

Lit Circle Meeting #3: Date: March 9th Read Pages: 60

Vocabulary Enricher/Word Wizard

Notorious. Plath uses this word to describe a whorehouse. Notorious as an adjevtive, it means something who is known widely and usually unfavorably. Page: 77 paragraph 2

Neurotic. This word is used quite a few times in the book, especially when Esther and Buddy are talking. It means a person who is prone to excessive anxiety and who is emotional upset. Page 90 paragraph 3

Dybbuk. Esther is talking to a woman and she says the womans voice is that of a dybbuk, and you couldn't tell wether it was a man or a womans voice. A dybbuk who comes from jewish folklore is a human spirit whom because of former sins are roaming around restlessly until it finds haven in a human host body. Page 95 paragraph 6

Factatious. Esther also doesn't know what factatious means, and looks it up in a dictionary. It means artifishial, sham or fake. Page 139 paragraph 3

Now the book has come to the point where she sees a psychiatrist, and Esther is starting to act a bit more crazy than usual. I'm very intrested in where the story goes from here. And I am wondering is she going to get better? I guess I just have to keep reading in order to find out. It's kind of difficult to keep track on where Esther is 'cause she keeps moving from place to place. She is one place then suddenly she is a completely different place on the next page. But that's no reason to think worse of the book.

Lit Circle Meeting #4: Date: March 14th Read Pages: 100


Esther is treated with shock therapy in the mental hospital.
Insulin shock therapy was a psychiatric treatment where patients where patients were repeatedly injected with large doses og insulin so the patients could produce daily comas over several weeks. It was used extesively in the 40s and 50s. Shock therapy had dissapeared in the USA by the 70s.

I was supposed to read a 100 pages but I've only read half of that 'cause time was limited and I had other things to do. Esther has now tried to commit suicide several times, but she has failed. Things isn't looking to good for Esther, and I really hope she is getting better.

I have now read the whole book. I must say, it's not really a book I would've chose to read voluntary, Because I like reading fantasy books and books that can't really happen in real life. But this book was entertaning and I actually quite liked it. I didn't think I would, because it was published in the 60s, and the setting was in the 50s. I thought it would be hard to read and difficult to understand, I also thought they would use loads of old fashioned words and phrases I wouldn't be able to understand. I've read books in jr. High where I didn't understand a word and I couldn't follow the book, and I had no idea what was happening, heck I didn't even know what the book was about. But I'm glad I didn't have to do all this in Jr. High, 'cause I probably would have failed. I liked reading this book and I learned a lot of new words and a little bit of history, it's nice to know you can read an enjoyable book and learn at the same time.