Connector: Cathrine

This book is easy du match with real life, because it is easy sometimes to feel that someone have the perfect life. But nobody have a perfect life, everyone have their own problems. In film and boks maybe life can be perfect, but not in real life. And that is what this girl in the book is finding out. She has a good life, but its quite boring. And when you think your life is boring you will maybe do something stupid to get a more funny life.


What the book is about:

The central character of "The Bell Jar", Esther Greenwood, seems to have the perfect life. She has received numerous awards for her poetry and writing and is on scholarship at a prestigious women's college. She wins a month long job assignment in New York City for a women's magazine. To the outside world it would seem that she is living a dream life: dining on sumptuous meals, hobnobbing with celebrities, and being showered with gifts, all courtesy of the magazine. Inside, however, she is wrenched with confusion. She struggles within herself to reconcile her desires to become a writer in a world where women are expected to be perfect housewives and mothers as well as her desires for sexual equality in a world where women are expected to be pure and virginal, but men are free to experiment with sexuality without fear of pregnancies or ruined reputations.

what i think about the book:

I thought it was a really good book, but it was extremely hard to focus because the story travels back and forward in time. It is easy to recognize themselves in the book and how her life is. If you look at some events. Eks when Buddy ask her to marry him and she sais “no I will never get married. And then he laughs it away and thinks that it is just rubbish. I will make her get married. Its many people that don’t respect when somebody makes choices and just try to make them change their mind. In stead of letting them take a choice and not be forced to do something else.

At first it seems that she haves a perfect life for everybody that’s sees her from the outside, but it isn’t like this. She is scared for much and struggles with her stuff. It is also easy to get to know her again her. Because not everybody knows everything, and everybody struggles with their own. Nobody have a perfect life.