Esther Greenwood
She is the main character in the book and she is nineteen years old, she feels trapped inside a "perfect" life, that's why the book is called The Bell Jar. It's a metaphorical explanation for what her insanity felt like.Esther becomes more and more mad as the book goes on,she is sexually frustrated and confused. She can't decide what to do with her life, and when everything crashes, suicide seems to be the only escape. During the book, we get to know that she won a award for something she wrote an got an internship at a New York fashion magazine. She works there with 11 other intern girls.

Mrs. Greenwood
Mrs. Greenwood is Esther's mother. She is constantly nagging Esther about what she is going to do with her life, and she never leaves her alone. When Esther is checked into the hospital, she keeps asking her what she had done wrong to make Esther commit suicide. Mrs. Greenwood does everything she can to help Esther but she resents her.

She is Esther's first female friend. She is beautiful but not like the other girls, she doesn't want to do the boring activies with the others, she want's to create her own itinerary. Esther get pulled along this itinerary, but when Doreen meets Lenny Shepherd. The new pair immediately exclude the rest of the world from their happiness. It's through Doreen Esther meets Marco, this is the man in the novel who Esther get most violent and harrowing experience from.

Jay Cee
Esther's boss at her editorial internship. She is really hard on Esther when she doesn't know what to do with her life, but she also empathizes with her, and tries to give her advice. She is highly educated and intelligent but she is not considered physically attractive, Doreen thinks ''she is as ugly as a sin.''Jay Cee is also very fair-minded.

Buddy Willard
He is Esther's boyfriend, to a certain extent. When Esther first get together with Buddy, he seems like a god to her, but when he tells her that he had slept with a waitress in many occasions during one summer, this facade fades.
Buddy gets TB (tuberculosis) and he is sent away to a sanatorium. Esther waits till she gets back from NY to break up with him.

He is the interpreter to whom Mrs.Willard gave Esther's number.

Esther's friend from college. Esther was supposed to stay at Camebrige with Jody, but cannot when she didn't get into the writing class she wanted.

Dr. Gordon
Dr. Gordon is the first psychiatrist Esther sees. He is young and good looking and nothing what she expected him to be like. He doesn't really listen to Esther or take her seriously. Esther takes an instant dislike to him. After her second visit he think she should have electroshock therapy. He administors this and it goes quite badly. After her first shock treatment Esther refuses to go back to him.

Joan is from Boston, like Esther. She is a year older than Esther, and is president of her class, a physics major and college hockey champion. Joan dated Buddy for a while, but she goes through a personal crisis and becomes suicidal. She is admitted to a psychiatric hospital where she meets Esther. Esther feels uncomfortable around Joan.''She always made me feel squirmy with her starey pebble-colored eyes and her gleaming tombstone teeth and breathy voice." She never really loved Joan, but she liked her as a companion.

- Jenny,Aylin and Cathrine