Lit Circle Meeting #1 : Date: March 2nd Read Pages: 30


The Amazon: It's a hotel for woman only, mostly it was young girls with weathy parents who wanted their daughters on a place were men were not allowed so they couldn't get them.

Ladies' Day: This is a day in the christian calendar, it's the feast of annonciation of the blessed virgin. This traditionally day is March 25th.

Almost every girl/young woman had a pocketbook matching their outfits.

The Rosenbergs: They were a group of spies. They "stole" recepies of how to make nuclear bobms. They got caught and the government electrocuted them one summer.

My opinion/journal

The book seems a little "cliché like". I haven't read more than 30 pages, but from all the background information I've got of this book, I know it's something really different than just a girl living in the city meeting a boy living happily ever after.
The words are not so hard to read and understand, so I'm looking forward to read more.

Lit Circle Meeting #2: Date: March 7th Read Pages: 50


We have seen in several movies where a bunch of people get "food poisened", but in this case, it was because the seafood wasn't in high quality, it's not like in those movies where one man is behind everything and wanting to kill someone.
Sylvia Plath's life is strongly connected to the book.

My opinion/journal
I haven't read more than 80 pages of the book, and I feel like nothing actually is going on, except that Esther gets food poisened. The book jumps so much back and forth in time, and it's really hard to follow sometimes. When you just get into the book and setting, it's suddenly a different time and place.
From doing a little reasearch of the author and reading about her life made me think that this book is strongly connected to The Bell Jar and that Esther (the character) is sort of reflecting the life of Sylvia Plath.

Lit Circle Meeting #3: Date: March 9th Read Pages: 60

Travel Tracer:

Where today's action begins:
Buddy Willard shows Esther his room and wants to talk to her. She comes with him, and Buddy's father leaves the young couple alone.
Page where it is described: 87

Where the key events happen:
Buddy asks her to marry him, she hesitated and says that she doesn't want to get married at all, and she is not going to change her mind. He assumes she will thing otherwise and wants to give it some time.
Page where it is described: Bottom of 92

Where today's event end:
Buddy keeps thinking she'll change her mind someday, and they go out skiing. Another action begins and Esther get hurt during the skiing, she keeps wanting to get back on her feet until she realize that her leg is broken. She is relieved.
Page where it is described: 94

My opinion/journal
Things starts to happen and this Buddy want's to marry Esther but she refuses. Even though the book still jumps back and forth in time, it's easier to absorbe and understand the information we get from the book.

Lit Circle Meeting #4: Date: March 14th Read Pages: 100

Vokabulary Enricher/Word Wizard:
Word: Quahug shells
Page: 140
Definition: Atlantic coast round clams with hard shells. If the clams are big, we can eat them.

Word: Disquieting
Page: 140
Definition: It's an other word for beeing worried, upset, annoyed and so on.

Word: Loopsided
Page: 141
Definition: It's when something is injustice.

Word: Whiff
Page: 141
Definition: To "smell" the scent of something. Example: Take a whiff og cool air.
Then you take in the cool air, like you take in the scent of perfume.

My opinion/journal
Things are really happening and I got really surprised by reading about how she tries to end her life in differnt ways. The discritions was really good, and Plath manages to make the reader get caugth in the book by writing with such passion.