Esther Greenwook is basically going to college in Massachusetts. She travels to New York to work for a magazine as a guest editor/intern for a couple of months. Her boss' name is Jay Cee, a sympathetic but demanding woman. In the "big apple" Esther lives in a hotel for ladies only with eleven other college girls. Her roomate's name is Doreen, a girl that stands out from the others, she is more beautiful but spontaneous in a bad way, she does things she really can't handle. The sponsors of their trip give them food and wine and loads of presents. Esther knows she should have the time of her life, but she feels deadened and has lost vigor and liveliness in her life. Esther also wonders if she would want to get married and live a domestic life and try to be the perfect wife rather than follow her ambition. Throughout the book Esther is feeling insecure and depressed feeling that no one understands her, which leads to her own downfall when she is sent to the psychological ward in the city hospital. Esther is feeble and mentally ill and does not cooperate and she is determined to end her life.

In 1979 the bell jar was made into a movie with the tagline '' Sometimes just being a woman is an act of courage.''
In 2008 a hollywood version of the novel was announced. As of 2011 the film remains in development, but it is set to be released in 2012

-Jenny, Aylin and cathrine